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Jan 14, 2013


Our girl Alice Radley (@AliceRadley) stops by to break it down with birthday boy Konnan and Chef Saint Laurent. The gang talks about any and everything from WWE's product to Konnan's lost days in Mexico.

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-Konnan talks his birthday and... his Lost Days in Mexico

-Konnan explains The Honeymooners to Saint Laurent

-Pro Wrestling's place within the entertainment industry.

-The amount of WWE programming being produced per week.

-Konnan makes a smoothie?

-Konnan introduces us to his robot housekeeper!

-Drama with Colt Cabana because of Isis?! 

-Kevin Nash can't take his boys busting his balls.

-Konnan talks about homophobia

-WWE's treatment of Jim Ross and some candid insight on JR's position on it.

-Vince vs. Jay-Z and their hunger for the game.

-WWE's prospects

-Is Samuray del Sol going to WWE?

-X-Pac returning to WWE?

-Country music

-Update on MSL's Cranky Vince CSI investigation 

-The time Konnan took Stacy Keibler to a porn convention in Las Vegas

-Kanye and Kim Kardashian

-Konnan updates everyone on Rey Mysterio's situation. Was Rey suspdened for a wellness violation? Is he injured?

-Alberto Del Rio unhappy even as new World Champion?

-2013 predictions for pro wrestling!  

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