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Jan 17, 2013


We drop a hot bonus show featuring Konnan & Court Bauer breaking it down on pro wrestling, sports and… BRAVO TV? What? We keep it real. 

Topics discussed:

-Konnan prepares for his trip to Calgary for a big indy show run by Teddy Hart

-The reason behind WWE putting the World Title on Alberto Del Rio is revealed.

-The time AAA almost invaded a WWE Mexico show!

-Konnan and Court come out of the closet for their love of Bravo TV's Shahs of Sunset

-Teddy Hart the Cat Man

-The similarities between James Dolan and Eric Bischoff

-Konnan's experiences with Bischoff in WCW compared to that of Court's in WWE.

-Carmelo Anthony and the Honey Nut Cheerios drama 

-Backstage at Madison Square Garden at WWE

-Arn Anderson's sadness over being an agent for an ECW match at the Garden.

-A great stadium and arena atmosphere

-New Yankee Stadium vs old Yankee Stadium

-Being a prick when you've got power in wrestling.

-Caribbean Egg Nog

-Thoughts on the lack of growth of the John Cena character.

-Rock battling CM Punk on the mic

-Is WWE over pushing the Miz? 

-The backstage vibe at WCW when DX tried to invade with a tank (and Chyna) during the Monday Night Wars.

-What if Vince accepted Bischoff's challenge to a fight in the late 90s?

-Eric Bischoff proving he's a tough guy backstage at WCW during his tenure as President of WCW.

-Vince McMahon's bodyguards when he'd go clubbing in the 70s.

-Samoans kick ass!

-Viscera/Big Daddy V's dress code behind the scenes.

-Steiners tying up people backstage.

-The doom of OSCAR from Men on a Mission back in the WWF.

-People shitting in Jerry Lawler's crown back when he came into the WWF.

-The time TNA served cookies and milk to WWE talent backstage at Universal Studios and how honky it was.

-Cena and Ron Killings' beef way back in the day and how Konnan fabricated a story to make it sound sexier.

-Minorities in a position of power at the executive level at WWE and TNA.

-The time WWE hired a black writer to work with Shelton Benjamin and how it went weird. Fast.

-Producing talent with unique backgrounds different from your own.

-HHH's influence in the WWE product.

-Konnan corrects something in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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