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Jan 22, 2013


For the first time in a month, Konnan, Court Bauer and Saint Laurent are reunited for a 70+ minute session. Join us and let's get WEIRD!

Topics discussed:

-Konnan battles the munchies!

-Red Mountain Mike and Gingersnaps Callhoun make their debut on the podcast!

-Saint Laurent gets reacquainted with an old acquaintance at college.

-Action Bronson & his doppleganger MSL?

-Juventud Guerrera goes ROAD WILD with an improvised condom and a girl as a WCW ring announcer oversees the event. Things get weird. Fast.

-Konnan's concerns about overweight sex

-NWO Wolfpack member romancing a woman in an elevator

-Unsettling ring rat experiences

-5 cops pulling guns on Konnan in Mexico. And a girl is involved.

-The first time Dusty Rhodes saw Vince McMahon since 1991 and how that went.

-Konnan & Court's experiences with Dusty Rhodes

-Court's thoughts on the WWE Diva Search Contest

-Would Konnan be open to a position with WWE?

-What does Booyaka mean?

-Who does Konnan think are the 5 greatest luchadores he's ever seen perform?

-Did Court ever see Gary Hart's razor blade when hanging with him.

-Crazy, dangerous situations Konnan has been in.

-Court's thoughs on The Boogeyman

-Who came up with The Boogeyman character?

-The time $40,000 were spent on a prop for a WWE angle

-The time Tatanka convinced Vince to spend THOUSANDS on "spiritual vignettes"

-Mexico merchandise being bootlegged.

-Where can you get licensed and legitimate Lucha merchandise?

-Konnan's favorite wrestlers growing up

-Horrendous spots Konnan hates to take     

-The story behind Joey Styles KO'ing JBL and WHO got Stocky Balboa's back after the uppercut.

-Konnan speaks on Emilio "CHAR-LAYS, Jr." and his untimely passing.

-Court's favorite memories from running MLW.

-Vince's crazy momentary appraisal of Juventud Guerrera back when the Mexicools debuted in WWE.

-Juventud's downfall at WWE.

-Will Psicosis ever return to WWE?

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