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Jan 27, 2013


Topics discussed by Konnan, Court Bauer & Saint Laurent:

-Konnan's review of Zero Dark Thirty

-Konnan checks in about the Hart Legacy show in Calgary from this past week.

-Konnan's wife makes her debut with a cameo!

-Why did Kevin Nash no-show and what CRAZY thing did Teddy Hart say about it in front of the audience?

-An interesting tidbit on AAA's expansion and where Konnan will be working out of next month. 

-A Hart brother CONFRONTS KONNAN at the Hart Legacy show

-Where was Bret "Hitman" Hart the night of the Hart Legacy show and why wasn't here at the family wrestling event? 

-Konnan's discussion with Generico about WWE. 

-Konnan & Court proclaim MR MONEY as 2013's rookie of the year

-Owen Hart shutting down Konnan in Stampede for using his moves and what Stu Hart did about it.

-Konnan rolls like a pimp to a black tie affair!

-Konnan hits the flight deck on the USS Midway for a trip to Iran?! 

-Konnan & Court give Saint Laurent advice on his comeback promo.

-The Chef makes his return to wrestling after a very brief retirement.

-The gang talks about this past week's RAW.

-What do you do with The Rock during his current WWE run?

-Vince's ideal length for a weekly WWE TV show and why it can't happen.

-What has worked out great for WWE under the 3 hour RAW format.

-Konnan's twitter account was hacked!


-The latest on the WWE video game license drama

-What video game did Konnan recently play for THREE days straight?

-What video game company almost bought MLW back in the day?

-What's the responsibilities of an agent at WWE?

-WWE agents and what they really do backstage and how much they can make.

-Undertaker vs. Eddie Guerrero and why it never happened as a major program.

-A fierce fan fight Court once witnessed at a WWE show.

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