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Feb 4, 2013

Once upon a time Konnan tried a new sensation hitting the nation called bath salts with several familiar wrestlers you may know. Did he turn into a zombie craving brains? Find out on a new MLW Radio!

Other non-bath salts topics include:

-Breaking down the Royal Rumble

-Fat kid upset over CM Punk losing

-Update on the Hart Legacy show and have wrestlers been paid?

-Did a Nigerian email scam fund the Hart Legacy show?

-What the HELL is going on with Rey Mysterio?

-Sin Cara vs. Rey at WrestleMania?

-FMLL's big show at the LA Sports Arena recently.

-The politics of booking the FMLL show.

-Konnan  offers some birthday lovin' advice - and apparently Vicks offers a new "kit" product?

-Brock Lesnar ragdolling Vince

-Vince's directions to the wrestlers when doing angles and taking bumps.

-Vince's mentality when you tell him he can't do something is….

-The WrestleMania was knocked out

-Tensai dancing in drag

-The demise of Tammy "Sunny" Sytch

-Konnan & Court drop some truth bombs on Kevin Nash and MSL defends Big Daddy Cool.

-Who shutdown several Kevin Nash pitches for his return to WWE? You will be stunned.

-Konnan explains what a strawberry is.

-What does toss my salad and peel my potatoes actually mean?

-Sabu summons Purple Haze on a Puerto Rican beach.

-What valuable promoter's tool did Dusty Rhodes explain to Court Bauer?

-The time Ric Flair lived on a tour bus with HHH and Stephanie McMahon-Levesque.

-Agents raiding writers boxed lunches at WWE and what legend put a stop to it.

-The time Konnan wore SMURF BLUE and chilled with Eric Bischoff at the World Peace Festival.

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